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“The Trinity Trumpet”

“Seeking Him, Serving Him” 

Volume 41 Number 10               October 2008


Pastor's Pen - Numbers - Sunday School - Youth

The Pastor’s Pen!!!

The Disciples asked Jesus to teach them to Pray, He had such a special relationship to God that He could stop anytime, anywhere, to pray. Jesus taught us to pray, we call it the Lord’s Prayer.

It begins with “Our Father, who art in Heaven.” Because we are God’s children, such a special relationship with the Father, we have immediate access to Him. This acknowledgement of God is followed by 7 Petitions to Him.

1st - “Hallowed be Thy Name.” God has a Name, & His Name is to be Hallowed. God is Holy, & He desires our Praise & Worship. 2nd - “Thy Kingdom Come.” God is King of Kings & Lord of Lords. He Rules. He rules in Heaven, He rules on earth, & He wants to rule in our lives. 3rd - “Thy Will be Done.” God has a Plan for our Lives. His Plan is what’s best for us, but He will not force His Will upon us. The first 3 Petitions begin with “Thy.” It’s All about God & His Glory!

The Hinge pin is “on Earth, as it is in Heaven.” The first section is about God, His Praise, His Purpose & His Plan will be accomplished on earth as it already is in Heaven. But the next section is about us & our needs.

The 4th Petition is “Give us this day, our daily bread.” God will supply our needs. We don’t have to pray for everything, but we need to pray about everything. 5th - “Forgive us our Sins.” All people Sin. God will Forgive us, if we ask Him, but we have to Forgive others also. 6th - “Lead us not into Temptation.” God allows us to be tempted & we fail sometimes, but there is always Victory in Jesus! 7th - “Deliver us from Evil.” The Devil is alive & well on Earth, he wants to stop us from Serving, but God always Delivers.

Pray the Lord’s Prayer for 40 days, for spiritual breakthrough, to seek God’s Plan & Purpose & to see what He’s going to do at Trinity Baptist Church.

2 Chronicles 7:14 “if My people, will ….. Pray.”


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September’s Numbers

Sunday School - 63 + 35 (Nursing Home) Worship Service - 124

Beginning Checkbook Balance $1,025.61.

September Receipts $14,444.13 Disbursements $15,076.17

Ending Checkbook Balance $393.57

Building Fund $43,338.44 Scholarship Fund $7,756.94

YTD Receipts - $14,444.13 - YTD Expenditures - $15,076.17

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Sunday School

Welcome to Sunday School, Full Steam Ahead! For those of us who have attended Church for a long time, we believe in Sunday School. But some people don’t understand what Sunday School is all about, or think that it’s just for kids & young people.

Sunday School is a small group, in-depth Bible Study designed to dig a little deeper into the Scriptures & to make it applicable to our everyday lives. The Purpose of Sunday School is to Reach people for Jesus Christ, Teach the Bible, encouraging them to grow in their personal relationships with God & other people, in other words, to “flesh out” the Great Commission. Sunday School is a place to get to know people on a more personal level and to develop deep friendships. Sunday School is for everybody, we offer Classes for all ages, from Nursery to Seniors, & everything in-between.

We are looking for ways to build up our Sunday School, to increase attendance, especially our children & young people. One idea that has come up is “Friend Day,” an attendance campaign designed not only to increase attendance, but also to develop relationships with people who do not attend Sunday School.

For “Friend Day” to be successful, we need advertize it, publicize it & promote it for 3-4 weeks before the actual High Attendance Day. But it requires Everyone getting involved, coming to Sunday School & inviting someone else to come to Sunday School also. Let’s Do It! Join us for Sunday School!!!

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Youth News

Fun Things!

The most important thing about Youth Group is to bring teens together to build them up in their walk with God. Sometimes this can be an easy task, other times it is quite overwhelming. As the Youth Pastor, I pray God will continue to show me new & better ways to not only teach God’s Word but to do it in a relevant & applicable way to today’s Youth. One way to do this is to have fun! Sometimes we get so serious about the messages that we forget part of being a Christian is not only spending time in God’s Word (which of course is most important) but also fellowshipping with other believers. This of course is extremely important to Youth & that is why we are trying to do so! Some of the things we are doing & planning:

Judgment House: We had a good turnout for Judgment House, from the Youth & also from the adults! Through this experience we were able to see how we all need to come to a personal relationship with Christ & realize the importance of watching ourselves while on the internet, being responsible!

LHS & SRHS football game: By the time you read this, we will have attended this football game! Although it has not happened at the time of writing, I am hoping it will be a good time for the youth to get together & have a good rivalry of sorts. I told the Youth if they could get 25 youth to go, I would grow a mustache…Has it happened? I wonder…

Community Cookout: This also will have occurred by the time you read this; I believe it will be a success. As Christians it is important for us to be active in the community. I am so thankful for opportunities like this to be active & to share our faith with others!

Guys Night/Girls Night: This is a new thing we are trying to institute in youth group where the guys, & the girls, break away & do something fun once a month. I am hoping that this will help build relationships & encourage spiritual growth as well as deeper friendships.

Another Lock-In: If the first lock-in wasn’t too much, this one will be! We are planning on teaming up with Palestine & doing a Lock-In at their Church on November 7-8th. I am really hoping that God will work through this & that the youth will have a good time!

We are doing some cool things for the simple purpose of fellowshipping with one another; building up the body of Christ. Pray for us & join us. As some people say, “You’re only as old as you want to be!”


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