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“The Trinity Trumpet”

“Seeking Him, Serving Him” 

Volume 41 Number 11               November 2008


Pastor's Pen - Numbers - Carol's Notes - Youth

The Pastor’s Pen!!!

                We Pledge Allegiance to the Flag saying we believe we are "1 Nation under God." Our Nation was founded believing in God, believing in the Word of God, & setting up a Democracy under God's Leadership. But we are now "A Nation without God." Like the rich fool in Luke 12, we are living without God, living a life of Sin, assuming we are running things, but we are tragically Mistaken. There is coming a Day of Judgement.

                A Nation Without God is Without Foundations. The wise man built his house upon the Rock. Jesus said, "on this Rock I'll build my Church." Without the Bible as our Standard, we wander away from God & His teaching. Without God, there is no Absolute Truth.

                A Nation Without God is Without Faith. The OT prophet Hosea says, "there is no Truth, no Mercy, no Knowledge of God in the land." Paul says, "Faith comes by hearing, & hearing of the Word of God." This Nation can only survive by the Faith of the people, Faith in God, & Faith in their Government.

                A Nation Without God is Without Faith. Jesus said, "You shall Know the Truth, Truth shall set you Free." We have forgotten how to Worship God, "in Spirit & in Truth." We crucified the Sond of God, rejected Him as Lord & King, & neglected the Word of God, taking the 10 Commandments out of courtrooms. We are more concerned about being politically correct than biblically correct.

This is a Call for our Nation to Return to God!

                The Foundations are crumbling, where is your Faith? Isaiah 55:6, "Seek the Lord while He may be found." 2 Chronicles 7:14, "If my people,..., shall humble themselves & Pray."


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October’s Numbers

Sunday School - 66 + 33 (Nursing Home) Worship Service - 92

Oct Receipts $13,368.17 Disbursements $13,572.52

Beginning Checkbook Bal $393.57; Ending Checkbook Bal $189.22

Building Fund $43,183.74 Scholarship Fund $9,000.11

YTD Receipts - $27,812.30 - YTD Expenditures - $28,648.69

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Carol's Notes

Happy Thanksgiving season to all! As we enter this season of the year, I have so many “Thanks” to say to our church music family. We have a very dedicated group of folks who fill the choir loft from week to week. At this time of year, we not only have to prepare for the Sun. service, but we have the Christmas season just around the corner. These folks come every Wed. night with a willingness to work & learn which makes my job so much easier & lots of fun. I do have the occasional “discipline” problem which I have determined stems from Vernon “harassing” the alto section (or maybe it’s the altos harassing Vernon) – take note next Sun. that Vernon always sits in the corner – there’s a reason for that!!! I’m only kidding – we have a great time each week singing, laughing & praying together, just being apart of the family of God.

Can you hear the sleigh bells & feel the crisp bite of wintry air? The choir has been preparing Christmas music for several weeks now, so we are already in the “spirit” of the Christmas season. I encourage you to mark your calendars for Sun. night, Dec. 21st, for the presentation of the Christmas program entitled “A Night to Remember”. Our choir, along with the choir from Hunting Creek (where Ginger Bell is director), will be presenting this program as a combined effort - at Hunting Creek on Sun. night, Dec. 14th, & here at Trinity on Dec. 21st. Pray for us as we continue to practice & prepare, & pray in advance for God to use these two presentations of the Christmas story in a mighty way. See you Sunday!

Carol (Judges 5:3)

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Youth News

It all starts with an Attitude”

Recently in youth group we started talking about the Beatitudes found in Matthew 5. These phrases spoken by Jesus go into detail about a new way of looking at things. For instance, Jesus in these few verses flies in the face of what traditional Judaism looked like at the time. The Jews were men & women of the Law, they did everything based on the idea of Good works; however, Jesus was about to teach them something different, a whole different attitude. The Jews at this time were also looking for a Messiah who would overthrow the Romans & start his reign right away, while Jesus came to suffer & die to help set up an eternal kingdom. The overall goal was the same in that they both wanted a king; however, the ways to getting that king were completely different. The attitude was different. This is why when Jesus starts talking about the Beatitudes in Chapter 5 that it goes right against what the people at that time believed. It was so contrary to anything they had heard. Jesus was trying to teach them a new attitude to have, or better yet, a new way to look at what God was going to do. And like Jesus’ goal of doing so by laying the foundation of the early Church, it is also our desire to lay a new attitude or foundation for the youth group.

The things that we are doing in youth group go along with the idea of a new attitude. Of course this does not mean we are teaching anything heretical, in all actuality we are going into detail on Matthew 5 on Wednesday nights, talking about the foundations of faith on Sunday nights, and dealing with discipleship on Sunday mornings. All of these are in place to deal with Attitude. To teach the youth that they are able and can serve the Lord right now in how they live their lives and through their relationships with their friends. Ultimately this is what Jesus spent so much time teaching His disciples and that is what we should desire out of the Youth Group. To dream big, do big, and help change the world for the Lord. Yet it all starts with study, prayer, change, and a little bit of attitude.

Below is a list of a few things that are in the near future!

Nov 12 – 7pm – Bonfire at the Church! Bring your friends!

Nov 29 – guys & girls Trip to Natural Bridge – more info to come!


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