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“The Trinity Trumpet”

Seeking Him, Serving Him!” 

Volume 40 Number 11               November 2007


Pastor's Pen - Numbers - Children's Ministry - Youth Ministry

The Pastor’s Pen!!!

It’s Fall, and everything’s changing. The leaves are changing, and the time is changing, along with the temperature. It’s also Thanksgiving time, the time we pause to give Thanks back to the Lord for His Goodness, His Grace and His many Blessings on us. Why are we so Thankful?

When Circumstances Change, Be Thankful that God doesn’t Change. The Old Testament prophet Habakkuk says, “Though the Figs, the Fruit, the Fields, or even the Flocks Fail,” I’m Thankful God doesn’t change. Things do change for us. We suffer loss of Health, Home, Job or Family, yet in spite of all these things, God remains the same, yesterday, today & forever. (Heb 13:8) Be Thankful for what we have, & the Mighty God who gives them to us!

When Experiencing Suffering, Be Thankful for His Salvation. Habakkuk says, “I will Rejoice in the God of my Salvation.” We’ve all got Pains, Problems & Predicaments, yet in spite of all these, remember we are Saved by Grace, Saved from Hell and Saved for Heaven. Suffering & Sorrows, Tears & Trials are all short, compared to Eternity. We should be Thankful for what God has done for us. Thank You, Lord, for Saving my Soul.

When Going through Trials, remember we Triumph through Christ. Habakkuk says, “The Lord is my Strength & my Salvation, of whom shall I be afraid?” Regardless of the Trials & Tribulations we encounter, we have Victory in Jesus. Through Christ’s Death and Resurrection, We triumph over Sin, Satan & Suffering.

I Read the Back of the Book & We Win!


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October's Numbers

Sunday School - 80 + 28 (Ns Hm) Worship Service - 129 + 11 (Ch Ch)

Beginning Checkbook Balance $722.69.

Oct Receipts $16,517.62 Disbursements $16,728.28

Ending Checkbook Balance $512.83

Building Fund $50,180.65 Scholarship Fund $9,163.76.

YTD Receipts - $31,970.66 - YTD Expenditures - $31,694.26

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Children's Ministry

Awanas - Sunday at 5:45 pm.

Invite your Friends!

Children’s Church! - Sundays 11:00 am

It’s All About God!

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Youth Ministry

In the Beginning…

Recently in Youth Group we have started to go through the book of 1 John. I decided to go through the book for a few reasons. First, it has been said that after reading 1 John one will be convinced of their salvation or convicted that they needed to get saved. I know for me personally through reading 1 John a lot it has really helped me be convinced of my salvation and helped me to grow in my walk with Him. Secondly, we are going through 1 John because this particular book in the Bible does a excellent job of showing what it means to not only KNOW what it means to be a believer but also what it means to ABIDE in God. It is really neat to see the use of both of these words throughout the book of 1 John. The writer, John the Apostle, would have not only have known Christ from being his disciple for three plus years, but he also would have understood what it means to abide in Christ. In fact, he wrote about it in the Gospel of John chapter 15 when Jesus was talking about the Vine and the branches.

Overall though I think the greatest thing about this book is that it talks specifically about Jesus Christ. Very early on in the epistle John makes a profound statement in six short words that would have totally shocked the people of that time - “That which was from the beginning” By making this statement John was claiming that Jesus Christ truly is the Son of God. What has to be understood by this statement is that if John is saying that Christ was from the beginning, then he is saying that Jesus was there from the very beginning, which means Christ would have been there before Creation! What a bold statement to make especially in those times. John was claiming that the same beginning that all the Jews would know about in Genesis is the same beginning that Christ was at. Wow!

We spent one night in the youth group talking about this and how Jesus was truly there in the beginning. Because we know that Christ was at the beginning, we can be comforted to know that He will take care of us in the end. Overall, it truly shows that we know the beginning of the story. This being said we need to realize that just because John and most believers know the beginning that does not mean everyone else does. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Most people have no idea that Christ was there at the beginning and so they lead confused lives based solely off what they have been taught about an evolutionary theory or big bang theory. No wonder everyone is messed up! It is almost like they live their lives as a story without knowing how the story started. They only see part of the whole story. Do you think that is right for us not to tell them? Its like if a child quotes a story they heard without knowing the beginning or the end but only knowing the middle. In the same way most non Christians only know the middle of the story (their life) and have no idea how the story starts or ends. Don’t you think like Paul Harvey would say that it is time to “tell them the rest of the story”. We need to, we have to, after all we know it and they need to know it. So tell the beginning of the story and just like John understood, that being Jesus Christ, who also then is…The rest of the story!


121 Underground

Concert – North Bedford – Nov. 10

Core Camp for Seniors – URCC – Nov. 17-18

Hockey Game – Liberty U – Nov. 30

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