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“The Trinity Trumpet”

“Seeking Him, Serving Him” 

Volume 41 Number 6               June 2008


Pastor's Pen - Numbers - Wanted - Youth

The Pastor’s Pen!!!

Summer’s Here!  It’s June, school’s out and we’re getting ready for all the activities of summer, like swimming, camp, ballgames, & Vacation Bible School.  But we pause to Honor our Fathers on the 3rd Sunday in June, Father’s Day.  Take a closer look at the Father  of the prodigal son in Luke 15, a perfect illustration of our Heavenly Father.

First, the prodigal’s father was approachable, just like our Heavenly Father.  The young man had dreams; he wanted to see what the world had to offer, even if it meant leaving his family & farm.  He believed he could go to his father, just as he was.  Sounds like God, we can talk to Him anytime, anyplace, and tell Him anything we need to.  “Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace …”  His father was willing to give him all he had, knowing he might waste it all.  God would bankrupt Heaven for one of His children, all we have to do is ask Him.

Second, in the prodigal’s mind, he associated his father with Heaven.  When he came to his senses, “I have sinned against Heaven & against thee.”  When he thought of home, he remembered what his father had done for him.  His father loved him enough to let him go, to let him to make his own choices, & wait for his return, because he loved him.  Sounds like God, ”for God so Loved …”  God chose us, saved us, adopted us & has given us a home with an inheritance in Heaven.

Third, when the prodigal son came home, he found an affectionate father, who “ran & kissed him,” a show of love.  He threw a party, “my son was lost, but now is found.”  He put rings on his hands & shoes on his feet, a sign that he was still his father’s son, he still was a part of the family, no matter what he had done, nor where he had gone.  Sounds like God, doesn’t it?  God is always willing to forgive us, no matter what we have done or where we have gone, willing to restore us to full son-ship, if we but repent.  Every father understands, “Let there be Joy in Heaven over one son, or daughter, who has come back Home!”


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May’s Numbers

Sunday School - 76 + 24 (Ns Hme)  Worship Service - 138

Beginning Checkbook Balance $580.59.

May Receipts $16,014.58      Disbursements $16,473.35

Ending Checkbook Balance $121.82

Building Fund $49,458.61    Scholarship Fund $13,720.85

YTD Receipts - $143,803.15  -  YTD Expenditures - $143,916.96

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!!! WANTED !!!

Sunday School Director


Responsibilities:  The SS Director shall have general oversight of the entire Sunday School and its Bible Teaching Program.

Duties:  The SS Director is responsible for the direction and implementation of Sunday School, including ordering literature and providing resources for the SS classes.

The SS Director shall work with the Nominating Committee to provide Teachers and Classrooms for the Sunday School.

Qualifications:  Saved & Seeking to Serve!


Women’s Ministry Director


Responsibilities:  To Lead the Women of our Church to Minister to other women of the Church & Community.

Duties:  The Women’s Director is responsible for the direction and oversight of the Women’s Ministry, providing opportunities for Fellowship & Ministry

Qualifications:  Saved & Seeking to Serve!

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121 Underground

Upcoming Events

Sunday, June 1st Graduate Appreciation Day!

Special Worship Service - Recognition, Scholarships

followed by Church Luncheon for Everybody!


Saturday, June 8th – Senior Graduation Day!

Held at Liberty University,

for Liberty, Jefferson Forest & Staunton River High Schools


June 26th – 28th Local Missions Project!

Working on a Home here in Bedford,

The Cost will be $50.


July 7th – 11th Youth Camp!

A Week at Liberty University,

The Cost is $230, $50 Deposit due June 1st


July 28th – August 1st Youth Week!

At Trinity Baptist Church! 1 Fun-Filled Week!!!

Lots of Games & Serious Bible Study!!!


August 4th – 8th Vacation Bible School!

The Youth will be Leading VBS this year!

Held at Trinity Baptist Church!

(Tentative Date, subject to change)

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