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“The Trinity Trumpet”

“Seeking Him, Serving Him” 

Volume 47 Number 7               July 2014

Pastor's Pen - Carol's Notes - Numbers - Events - Missions - Pantry

From the Pastor’s Desk!

40 Days of Prayer!

     "If MY PEOPLE who are called by My name will HUMBLE themselves, and PRAY and SEEK My face, and TURN from their wicked ways, then I will HEAR from Heaven, I will FORGIVE their sin and HEAL their land." (2 Chron 7:14) Will you Covenant with God and this Congregation to Pray with us? Join us as we Pray for:
     Trinity Baptist Church ask God to "Do whatever it Takes, to make Trinity Baptist Church the Church He wants it to be." Change us, God, or Change this Church.
     Gods Presence & Power ask God to move in a Mighty Way at Trinity; break hearts, change lives, we want to see Him.
     Pastor & His Family ask God to Bless our pastor & his family. God, dont let him be a stumbling block to what You want to do.
     Deacons & their Families ask God for Deacons to be spiritual leaders. Ask God to Bless them & their families.
     Young People & their Leaders ask God to raise up some new young believers, & to bring us someone to train & lead young people.
     Sunday School SS is the Bible Teaching, & the Evangelistic arm of the Church. We need new classes, new teachers & new people.
     Worship Services ask God for our Worship Services to be Christ-centered, Spirit-filled & God-moving, take us to the Throne of Grace.
     Music Ministry ask God for Music, the Choir, Praise & Special, Music, uplifting music, that touches hearts & points us to Jesus.
     Outreach & Visitation people dont come to Church anymore unless theyre invited to come. We've got to "reach-out" to our community, "reach-out" to the Lost & Hurting.
     Discipleship Ministry we are failing to grow in our relationship with Christ; to grow stronger as Christians, to grow closer to Christ & to "disciple" new members.


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    Carol's Notes   

     I would be willing to bet that all of us have wished for a little more time in our day. Guess what I've discovered a place where we can find that extra time. Come with me on a journey to Crimond, Scotland.
     On Thursday, June 26th, I learned that my 91-year-old mother-in-law was in the hospital after suffering a minor stroke. At the time of the phone call, she was only minutes away from surgery to unclog her carotid artery. After receiving this phone call, a few minutes of panic and tears led me to prayer. The first scripture to come to my mind was the 23rd Psalm. How comforting these words were to me. Then the tune to an offertory I've played entitled "The Lord is My Shepherd" began to run through my mind. The arrangement I have is beautifully set in a classical style but I could never make the words of the Psalm match the tune of the music. In an effort to keep my mind occupied and myself busy while I awaited word on Moms surgery, I decided to try and research the tune, Crimond, the tune on which my music is based. That's how I got to Scotland.
     Back in 1640 an Englishman named Frances Rouse rendered all 150 Psalms from the Hebrew into metric English. After 6 years of study by committees comparing the metered Psalms to the original Hebrew, a singable translation was achieved. In 1650 the "Scottish Psalter" was released. The only portion of the "Scottish Psalter" widely sung beyond Scotland was the rendition of Psalm 23 set to the tune Crimond. The composer of the tune Crimond to which the new Metered Psalm was set was a woman named Jessie Irvine. She was the daughter of a parish minister in the town of Crimond. This town is famous for its unusual clock in the church tower. The maker of the clock accidentally put six marks into one of the five minute sections on the clock face. As a result, each hour in Crimond is 61 minutes making a day there 24 minutes longer than anywhere else on earth.
     Before that Thursday was over I had several really good pieces of news. First of all, Mom's surgery went well and as of this writing she is doing great. Secondly, I discovered the metered words to match my music:

The Lord's my Shepherd, I'll not want
He makes me down to lie
In pastures green He leadeth me
The quiet waters by

     Lastly, I found a place where there are 24 extra minutes a day, almost 3 extra hours a week. Seems to me this would be time well spent singing praises to our God!
     Y'all have a jubilant July and, as always....KEEP SINGING!


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June's Numbers
Sunday School - 48 + 19 (Nursing Home)
Receipts - $14,315.23   Disbursements -$13,908.06
Building Fund - $19,662.55   Scholarship Fund - $8,364.56
YTD Receipts - $159,729.25   YTD Expenditures - $158,538.10

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July 4th & Saving a Nation

     July 4th is the holiday that honors the founding of the United States. The occasion is celebrated in many ways: firework displays, festive parades, & backyard barbecues with family & friends. It is a day filled with activity. This 4th of July finds America in need of rescue. Our country's slide down the slippery slope of godless living has accelerated. It started years ago when we as a nation departed from the standard of God's Word; at that time, a belief system was established that separated our land from the Lord & His ways. As a nation, we are now reaping a bitter harvest from those decisions in every level of business and government, in our communities, & in our families as well.
     However, there is still hope. While we have seen our country's values change dramatically, our God has not changed. He continues to have the power to turn the nation back to Him. Scripture makes it clear that when Christ-followers obey the command to pray (Colossians 4:2), God is willing to act in response to those prayers. Since our national future is in our leaders' hands & they, in turn, are in the Lord's hands (Romans 13:1), our prayers for them can have a powerful impact. This July 4th, won't you add in a time of prayer for our nation? Establish a new tradition, one of appealing to God on behalf of our government's leaders. Then continue to pray until God turns our country toward trusting in Christ alone.
     To our flesh, changing the direction of a nation seems somewhat impossible. With all the other objects or ideals people worship outside of God, it's no wonder that the thought of seeing an entire nation turn to God seems unlikely, especially when it appears godless men & women are running the country. However, we must remember that whoever is in authority over us is placed there by God. "It is He who changes the times & the epochs; He removes kings and establishes kings; He gives wisdom to wise men & knowledge to men of understanding" (Daniel 2:21). Kings, mayors, governors, senators--they're all placed in their positions of authority by God. And they can be removed by God just as easily. Through our prayers--contrite and humble--God can turn a nation of rebels into a nation of disciples. "If . . . My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear them from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land" (2 Chronicles 7:14).
     Do you want to see God move in your nation? Get on your knees and make the biggest difference you can possibly make as a Christian: ask God to turn (this) nation (back) to Him.

(by Dr. Charles Stanley)

Bus Ministry
Trinity Baptist Church will be starting a Bus Ministry on Sunday mornings throughout the city of Bedford.
We will pick up people and have them here at the Church for Breakfast, SS and Worship Service.

The Bus Route:

Salem Court Apts   8:30 am
Raintree Apts   8:35 am
John Early Apts   8:40 am
Public Library Apts   8:45 am
Pinecrest Apts   8:50 am
Liberty Manor Apts   8:55 am
Trinity Baptist Church   9:00 am

If you, or if you know of someone who would like to be picked up, please contact Bob Chittum, 875-9789, or the Church Office, 586-8010.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Movie Night - Lynchburg
Sunday Night - July 6th
We will be taking the bus or van to the $1 Theater
to watch a Christian Movie
Everyone Invited!!! Bring a Friend!!!

(Name of movie and time to meet at the church to be announced later)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Don't Forget our Coffee House
Come and Enjoy some great music provided by Terry Farmer!!
There will be plenty of Popcorn, Coffee, etc.!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Making Bracelets for India
Sunday Night - July 20th - 6:00pm
During VBS on June 7th, we used our craft time as a mission project to make bracelets for the children in the orphanage in India supported by Don Shire's ministry. We received the names of the children and made 85 bracelets for the children in the orphanage. We also have the names of the children from the orphanage who are sponsored and living with pastors' familiesan additional 123 names. We will be making bracelets for these sponsored children as well as a few extra for any that may have been added. Everyone had such a great time in VBS helping to make these bracelets, so we hope you will come and help complete this project. Don Shire will be taking the bracelets to the children on his next trip to India in November.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Peaks Outing
Sunday - July 27th - 5:30pm
Everyone Invited!! Invite a Friend!!
Come and Enjoy a Great time of Christian Fellowship!!

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July Mission Emphasis

Your giving through the Cooperative Program supports ministries like these!

July 6: Matt Jolley, Portland, Oregon
Today we pray for a young man who is helping start a new church in Portlad, OR. Matt Jolley is working with Northwest Contexure Congregations, a church that already has two locations. Matt is starting their third location near downtown Portland, near the Williamette River. There are relatively few churches in Oregon, as people here do not respond readily to the gospel. We pray for Matt & the difficult ministry he faces. We pray that God will keep him strong & help him be effective as he witnesses & reaches out.

July 13: Missionaries Needed - Tajikistan
About 7 million people live in Tajikistan (tah-JEEK-ah-stan), a small Muslim country bordering China & Pakistan. One of the people groups in Tajikistan is the Kyrgyz people. There are about 125,000 of these people, who live mostly in small rural villages. Some of the Kyrgyz people live high in the mountains, so it is especially hard to visit them. So far Baptists have not been able to send a missionary to the Kyrgyz. Today we pray for the missionaries God is surely calling to go & share the gospel with these people. They will never hear the gospel unless someone is sent for that special purpose.

July 20: Brian O'Day - Praetorian Project
Today we pray for Brian O'Day, the lead pastor at Pillar Church Jacksonville. Brian was a Marine & felt a calling from the Lord to minister to other Marines. He understands that the primary problem for Marines is not that they are Marines, but that they need Jesus. Because of this church plant, Marines are able to grow in their faith alongside other fellow Marines. We pray for continued blessings for the O'Day family, as well as the Praetorian Project. We pray that churches would continue to be planted at Marine Corps bases across the world & that the Gospel would be proclaimed.

July 27: Brandon & Emily Shields - Indianapolis, Indiana
Today we pray for Brandon & Emily Shields, our missionaries in Indianapolis, IN. They moved with their four children to this Midwestern city in 2011 and started Soma Church in 2012. "Soma" is the Greek word for body, which the New Testament uses to mean church, as in body of Christ. The church meets Sundays in a school building on the north side of the city. They have also established five smaller groups across the city that meet for Bible study and discipleship. Brandon says his goal is to equip families to make Jesus the central focus their homes. Today we pray for this brave young couple who have planted their lives in a distant city so people will come to faith in Christ.

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Please help our Pantry by donating!

We appreciate your kind & generous response to our need for more food!

Anything you can donate will be greatly appreciated!


JANUARY -  Canned Green Beans, Sweet Peas, Corn, Carrots, Mixed Vegetables, Canned White Potatoes, Canned Sweet Potatoes, Dried Beans (any kind)

FEBRUARY -  Canned Peaches, Fruit Cocktail, Pears, Applesauce, Chicken Noodle, Beef Vegetable & Tomato Soup

MARCH -  Tuna, Beef Stock, Chicken, Salmon (All meats MUST be canned)

APRIL -  Grape Jelly/Jam, Peanut Butter (smooth)

MAY -  Comet/Ajax, Pine-Sol, Laundry Detergent, Dish Detergent, Paper Towels

JUNE -  Baby Food (please check date), Baby Shampoo, Baby Soap, Baby Lotion, Baby Powder

JULY -  Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Shampoo, Bar Soap, Solid Deodorant

AUGUST -  Canned Spaghetti O’s, Dried Pasta (elbow, spaghetti & rice), Oatmeal (plain), Cereal (breakfast)

SEPTEMBER -  Pickles, Catsup, Mustard, Pancake Mix, Pancake Syrup

OCTOBER -  GETTING READY FOR THANKSGIVING! Turkeys, Stuffing Mix, Canned gravy, Canned Sweet Potatoes

NOVEMBER -  Stuffing Mix, Canned Gravy, Canned Sweet Potatoes, Canned Vegetables & Canned Fruit

DECEMBER -  To be Announced

~~~"Don't Forget"~~~

Post list on your refrigerator as a reminder of what is needed for each month

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