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ďThe Trinity TrumpetĒ

ďSeeking Him, Serving HimĒ 

Volume 41 Number 8               August 2008


Pastor's Pen

The Pastorís Pen!!!

Summer-Time!  Summer-Time means Vacation Bible School!

            This year Vacation Bible School starts with a Kickoff on Saturday, August 2nd & ends with a Finale on Friday, August 8th.  For the Saturday Kickoff, we will have a Puppet Team, along with some special guests.  Hotdogs, Hamburgers, Snacks & Drinks will also be available under the Pavilion.  Let the Fun Begin!

          Vacation Bible School is always Fun!  Itís supposed to be Fun!  Itís for the Kids, & grownups who want to act like kids, & get away with it for a week.  But VBS is also about the Bible.  Itís about telling kids all about Godís Love & about His Word.  Thatís why itís called Bible School.  Weíre supposed to learn.  Theyíre supposed to learn.  Weíre all supposed to Learn about God and His Love. 

            This yearís Theme is ďThe Treasure of Godís LoveĒ, with each nightís lesson taken from 1st John.  God is Love, God Loves His Children, God Loves to Fellowship with His Children, God wants His Children to Know Him, How can I Know God, How can I become a Child of God, & God wants His Children to Love One Another, just as He has Loved us.  What a Treasure Chest  to Discover!

            This year the Youth will be Leading VBS.  They will be doing most of the work, with the adults there leading, guiding, helping them along the way.  Attention, All Youth, Weíre Counting on You!  Godís Children are counting on You!  We need your Help!  Adults, we need your help also.  We will have a class about Godís Love, designed especially for those over 18 & under 100.

            We will have an Opening Rally each night, along with a Puppet Theater, a Family Theater, with some special guests, Music, Crafts, Snacks & Games, so letís have some Fun.  VBS is the greatest evangelistic opportunity we have every year.  It is the greatest chance we have to win these children to Jesus.  Letís Not just Tell them about Godís Love, but letís Show them Godís Love, in Action!


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