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“The Trinity Trumpet”

“He’s Alive!” 

Volume 40 Number 8               August 2007


Pastor's Pen - Upcoming Events - Numbers - Youth

The Pastor’s Pen!!!

This year’s VBS Theme was Game Day Central - Run the Race, Keep our Eyes on Jesus.  Let’s All join the Team, the Winning Team, working together to build His kingdom.

    We started last year with a Vision Team, 7 people whose purpose is to discover our Mission, our Purpose as a Church, then develop a Vision Statement, where we are going as a Church.  We have a Mission Statement. (see above, “Saved, Seeking, Serving”)

    Next was the Mission Team, 5 people whose purpose was to discover what Mission endeavors we would participate in.  The Team, consisting of Transportation, Training, Logistics & Financial advisors, decided who would go on a Mission Trip.  We ended up with 8 youth & 4 adults going to Hedgesville, WV, with Team Effort.

   Now we have redesigned our Youth Ministry around the same Team concept, with 4 Teams, made up of both Youth & Adults, planning & leading the Youth program.  There is a Red Team, responsible for the Financial & Fund-Raising activities; a Blue Team, responsible for Fellowship & Group-Building (the Fun Stuff); a Green Team, responsible for Service & Ministry (Mission); and finally a Yellow Team, who is responsible for  Spiritual Growth & Discipleship for the Group.

   We also want to redesign the Children’s Ministry, with Awana’s & Children’s Church led by a Children’s Ministry Director.  Children’s Church meets every Sunday morning during the Worship Service.  We have 4 Teams already at work in Children’s Church, but we need another Team, 2 Adults who will step up & help.  Awana’s meet every Sunday night during the evening Worship Service, during the school year.  But we do not have enough Adult Leaders to run the Awana program.  Pray for God to raise up Leaders & Workers for our Children’s Ministry.  We need 24 Leaders & Workers for Awana’s, we only have 6.

“The Harvest is plentiful, but the Laborers are few.”


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Get Ready For

Car Wash & Bake Sale - Saturday, August 4th At Tractor Supply (Next to Wal-Mart) 9:00am-3:00 pm

 Youth Fund Raiser for “Daughters of the King” - A Mother/Daughter weekend at Uplands Reach in NC on September 22-23, 2007. Bring Your dirty car - leave with a clean one! Pick up your baked goods for Sunday Dinner! (Donations of Baked Goods NEEDED!)

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July’s Numbers

Sunday School - 77 + 25 (CH & CRH) = 102

Worship Services - 126 + 11 (CC) = 137

YTD Receipts - $195,662.90

YTD Expenditures - $195,726.58

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Youth News

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” (Proverbs 16:9)

   This verse is probably the best description of my life over the last few years.  I tend to plan my way and yet it is the Lord who establishes my steps. The Lord is the one who really tells me the direction to go and what He wants me to do.  I find that He not only has done this over the last month or two with giving me the opportunity to serve at Trinity, but also over my whole life.  God has definitely planned my steps!

   He did it when He opened my heart so that I realized my need for Him at the age of five.  He did it when I felt the call of ministry on my life at the age of 12.  He did it when He directed me to Liberty University and then to Liberty Theological Seminary.  And yet, even still He is doing it now by opening and closing doors, and opening a door to work with the Youth group here at Trinity.  God is the one who did it and is still doing it!  Since God is the one doing it, I know that I can rely and trust in Him to finish His work and also to help me along the way.

   God has also given me a burden for the Youth of Trinity (an amazing group I might add), they have so much potential.  I believe that He has called me to work under Pastor Vernon and to serve the Youth by helping them grow in love with God’s Word.  By seeing that God can use them even at the young age they are now, and that God wants to plan their steps.  So here I am with an open heart and hands ready to serve, ready to get to work.  I just pray that you as a Church body would pray for our youth (those presently in the youth group, and even those younger).  Pray that their hearts will be open for ministry, that they will fall in love with the Lord, and that they will get excited about the Youth group and all the potential ministry opportunities.  Pray also for me that I can keep a humble heart and continue to let God plan my steps and direct my ways.  I appreciate your prayers and look forward to hearing from you soon.  Until then, lets keep our hearts focused on Christ and get stepping!

In Him,

Josh Allen

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